Daily Schedule

7:30 am   -  Children are greeted by a teacher, they put away their belongings and greet their friends to start their day. This is the time when children using their fine motor and hand/eye coordination skills.  The teachers supervise and respond to questions at this time while allowing them the freedom to find what interests them.

9:00 am - Circle Time: Children gather to start circle time with" BUENOS DIAS MARIPOSAS' numbers, letters, songs, dance, read stories, and participate in group discussions and lessons.

9:30 am - Art projects, planned lesson.

10:00 am - Snack.

11:00 am - Free Play, washing hands.

11:30 am - Lunch.

12:10 pm - Clean up, reading and group discussion.

1:00 pm - Nap and quiet time.

3:00 pm - Snack time and clean up.

4:00 pm - Planned lesson activity.

4:30 pm - Science, nature, and gardening /outdoor time.

5:45 pm - Time to reinforce the important experiences for the day Ready to go Adios Amigos, Parents arriving, Time to say, "Hasta mañana" to friends.

This is not a fixed schedule; it is flexible to children’s changes, ages, and needs.